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Planning Meetings for Millennials and Gen Z

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Large meetings and events are always evolving to accommodate the changing audience. Ryan Jenkins wrote a blog post on how to capture a younger generation with 5 tips that can help ensure your success.

An image detailing the differences between Gen Z and Millenials. Specifically the generation dates.

As Millennials and Gen Zs dominate the workforce, meetings and events are changing their approach to attract the next generation. Meeting planners are looking to create a unique experience rather than simply relying on content to capture the audience's attention. They are using all available space and technology to accomplish this. Changing the meeting locations and creating a virtual experience is aiding to the advancement of the meeting and event structure.

Adding webcasts, posting recaps, and replaying interviews are the new normal to the generations that are always connected. By adding a streaming component to a traditional meeting, meeting planners will capture a broader audience and will keep them from missing out.

As meetings and events are evolving, so too are the production companies. We are flexible to the meeting planning needs and respond to the challenge of the future of meetings and events.

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